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Past Exhibitions:
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"Come Fly With Me." March 6th - April 25

Solo exhibition featuring Guy Philoche. Philoche's latest series harmonizes the chaotic energy of urban walls with the serenity of his brilliant layered color fields. Philoche invites the observer to join him on his artistic journey.
Paper Dolls: November 2nd - January 7th

Solo exhibition featuring Rick Lazes. Lazes latest show combines the nostalgia and elegance of yesteryear with cutting edge materials and techniques brilliantly blending culture, fashion, and fine arts. His revolutionary works are a masterful balance of sensuality and artistic innovation.
Aesthetic Innovations III: June 6th - July 4th

Featuring works by: Guy Philoche, Rick Lazes, Stephen Green, David Hollier, Michael Bersheim and Brett Loving. Each artist's distinctive process creates a unique visual experience welcoming the observer to explore varying methods of creation.
Brett Loving May 16th- May 29th

Solo exhibition featuring Brett loving. Loving's latest show combines the aesthetic revolutions of abstract expressionism with the power of heavy machinery. His works are a blend of expressionism and mechanical innovation.