Michael Beresheim is a product of 1960s America. Like much of the nation at the time, Michaelís artistic influence was split between the traditional Americana style representative of the earlier part of the century and the contemporary avant-guard unrestrained development of New York Schoolís Abstract Expressionist movement.

Throughout his studies Michael was an active participant in both fine arts and theater. Noting Michaelís artistic talent and engineering acumen, the theater director quickly realized Michael would be a valuable asset in set building, design, and painting. During the set design process, Michael was introduced to a variety of new materials and

 techniques which he readily incorporated into his fine art. He became particularly inspired by the effect of multiple planes working in concert to create a single image.

After completing his studies, Michael worked for several years doing engineering and construction. Throughout this time Michael regularly incorporated new construction materials (like steel, lumber, concrete, foam-core,and masonry) into his artworks while at the same time, continuing to refine his signature multi-planed style.

 Michaelís nostalgic works are clearly inspired by the Americana of artists like Jasper Johns, but upon closer inspection the abstract expressionist influence of layering dripped and distressed paint is also evident. The combination of processes and surfaces balances the intentional decisions of the artist with the independent interaction of the paint with the multi-planed surface. The unusual materials and painting application give Michaelís paintings a profound depth.
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