Rick Lazes is a North Carolina based artist specializing in three dimensional art. Lazes is an engineer by trade who has spent the last two decades of his life pursuing his artistic passion. Lazes works are created out of a variety of materials: stainless steel, marble, plaster, and more recently plexi-glass.

Lazes engineering talents are showcased throughout his artistry as he transforms his rigid materials into whimsical shapes and forms.

Lazes most recent series is a set of plexi-glass reliefs which resemble the
popular mid 20th century phenomenon of paper dolls. The "Paper Dolls" are immersed in creative depth. The innocence of the original "Paper Dolls" is offset by an injection of 21st century materials and sensuality. Lazes vanguard series invites the audience to consider a piece of Americana in a completely new light.
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