Tom Nuzum is one of Ohio's most famous artists. He lived in the state for many decades and taught countless students at a variety of colleges in the US. However, he was best known for his teaching at Mott Community College where he taught from 1973 until his death in 2011. In addition, Nuzum also taught at San Francisco Statue university, University of Wisconsin and Wright University. Nuzum was passionate about his teaching and is credited by many artists as a strong influence in their personal development..

Nuzum was passionate about art from the time he entered college, where he received
a BFA and MFA in fine arts from California Arts College. Nuzum honed his signature style over years of development. His thick brush strokes and vibrant pastel hues are expertly placed with a gestural ease. The result is a richness of paint offset by the calm of his color choices. Nuzum's works are complicated in form, texture, and color but provide an overall sense of tranquility for the viewer. Nuzum loved to paint dogs, particularly Chihuahuas. Tom Nuzum will be forever remembered as innovator in color and texture and as a mentor to countless artists.
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