David Hollier is Brooklyn based artist specializing in mixing language and fine arts. He began experimenting with the process of using text to create images in 2009. Hollier explored the process with both a vintage type write as well as his expressive signature handwriting. By 2012 Hollier had named his growing collection of text paintings “Imago Verbosa,” meaning a picture made of words in Latin.

Hollier’s artistic process begins with an image, he then determines which text is most relevant to create his image with. To Hollier this is an important function of the creative process which gives his works a
unique intellectual depth. Once the text source has been chosen, Hollier brilliantly bends and contorts his text to fit the shadows and highlights of his artistic subjects. His mastery of light and shadow is evident with his minimalistic approach.

Hollier draws a lot of inspiration from popular culture. Many of his creations are paintings of famous musicians comprised with their own lyrics. Hollier’s love of music manifests itself in the rhythmical nature of his urbanized handwriting. In addition to musicians Hollier also paints politicians and other famous figures.
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