Lineras artistic style blended his indigenous Guatemalan folk foundation with his newfound impressionist inspiration. His paintings are a labor of love conceived from visions of his childhood in Guatemala or his youthful memories of New York City.

Lineras is a resident of the Upper East Side, when he is not painting in his studio, he can usually be still be found studying his favorite masters in the City museums.
Cesar Lineras is one of New York City's last remaining true Bohemian artists. Lineras, was born in the 1940s to indigenous parents in Guatemala. Lineras escaped the political conflict in Guatemala in the 1970s and moved to New York City.

Lineras immediately fell in love with the energy and diversity of New York City. and shortly after his arrival began his formal art education. He was constantly at the museums, which showcased art that was unavailable in his homeland. Lineras took a special liking to impressionism often spending entire afternoons at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.