Stephen Greenís ongoing series ďMengerian AestheticsĒ is a layered, contemplative mixture of traditional artistic media and metaphysical exposition. His expressive urban style explores the depths of Austrian economics underscoring the reality of the tenuous nature of human freedom. Greenís raw autodidactic style is uniquely juxtaposed to the academic philosophy which comprise his images. His vanguard work urges viewers to reflect on the often forgotten origin of beauty; freedom.
Greenís paintings explore the origin of what is unconditionally beautiful. Beauty is a
subjective concept and therefore cannot be categorical. Accordingly, the only absolute pertaining to beauty is oneís right to choose what is beautiful. Greenís work is a celebration of this unheralded prerequisite of beauty; freedom.
Many of Greenís artworks are created entirely through painting layers of text from a single piece of literature. As the layers of polychromatic text build up on the canvases, a pointillist-like image emerges. Greenís uncompromisingly laborious process adds a rich abstract texture to the paintings and is a tribute to both, American industriousness and the brilliant free market philosophy of the original authors. Greenís series is inspired by Carl Menger and the many disciples of the Austrian School.

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