"Paper Dolls" – Autumn 2017 . A solo show featuring artworks by Rick Lazes.

Sculptural artist, Rick Lazes, expresses his mastery of form using wood, aluminum, bronze, marble, and plexiglass. Over the past several years, Rick has transitioned away from traditional sculptural mediums and focused his artistic efforts into his plexiglass creations. Rick’s exceptional engineering talent, paired with the versatility of plexiglass, allows Rick to express himself with an unrivaled creative freedom.

The ongoing “Paper Dolls” series provides an insight into Rick’s imagination. The versatility of the medium allows Rick to balance his mastery of shape and contour with color and iconography. One specific inspiration for the “Paper Dolls” is the provocative couture designs of Alexander McQueen. However, the broader inspiration for the series is the unbridled imagination of a child associated with the simple Americana toy, the “paper doll.” With this limitless freedom in mind, Rick’s innovative relief process brings his dolls to life while his abstract color schemes reinforce the concept of fantasy.

The “Paper Dolls” are a modern interpretation of a classic Americana icon. Rick’s artistic vision and unique 3-dimensional creation process transcends time by extracting his figures out of the past and placing them into the present. Each piece is a masterful balance of realism and fantasy combining the vibrancy of youthful imagination with modern techniques, materials, and adult sensibilities.

Rick’s plexiglass sculptures are laser cut from 3/8” plexiglass sheets. The plexiglass is then imprinted and painted with acrylic paints. The works with a matte finish are painted on the front, while the works with a glossier finish are reverse painted. The painted plexiglass forms are then heated in a large industrial oven until the plexiglass becomes molten. Rick then shapes the molten medium using insulated gloves and hand-crafted wooden molds.

Rick Lazes latest series rekindles the vivacious imagination of youth. Through innovative techniques and designs, Rick literally brings his works into the next dimension. In doing so, Rick liberates the viewer’s imagination from traditional valuations and once again, encourages them to experience the unlimited world of fantasy hiding in their consciousness.