"Spiritual Expression" – November 6th 2018 - Jan 15th 2019. A solo show featuring artworks by Danielle Mailer.

“Spiritual Expression” explores the profound connection between the artist and the subject. Danielle’s creative process begins by establishing a deep connection to her subject. In doing so she goes beyond recreating an image, and gravitates toward capturing the overall energy, or spirit, of her subjects. The exhibition features a variety of Danielle’s latest works; including both traditional quadrilateral canvases as well as freeform painted sculptures.
 Danielle’s artworks are meticulously arranged and painted. Her delicate and refined artistic abilities are complimented by her unlimited imagination. The combination provides a beautiful balance, wherein the rigorously achieved details are harmoniously housed within the whimsical spontaneity of the overall piece. Her generously applied bright and bold color choices inspire a world of fantasy, while her intricate craftsmanship simultaneously provides her works a refined excellence. The whimsical yet rigorous combination affords the viewer a constantly shifting balance between the actual and the surreal.

 When Danielle’s subject matter is too expressive to be contained by traditional canvas, she simply removes the prohibition by creating her own freeform canvases. By going beyond traditional rectangular dimensions, Danielle’s freeform canvases enable her to more broadly express the overall energy of her subject through the shape of her canvas. These freeform works are then meticulously painted in Danielle’s signature style.

“Spiritual Expression” is a celebration of imagination coupled with artistic integrity. The exhibition invites the audience to explore a fantastical interpretation of expression.