"Come Fly With Me" – March 6th - April 15th. A solo show featuring Guy Philoche.

In “Come Fly With Me,” Philoche’s newest series, the artist’s lush surfaces were inspired by the buildup of city walls, thick with traces of wheatpasted posters, advertisements, tagging and graffiti. Paper airplanes made from collaged reproductions of dollars and euros come zipping through the frames, leaving their swirling trails behind them in great looping gestures. From the glib use of $100 bills for some of the airplanes, to smaller denominations folded into the form of butterflies that momentarily alight on round canvases, Philoche’s folded bills draw attention to currency’s status as an abstract sign, with no inherent material value once detached from its system of circulation.

Some observers may draw a connection to Frank Sinatra's 1958 classic song about a romantic runaway trip. Philoche's rich layered paintings certainly conjure a sense of nostalgia, however Philoche's intention was to highlight the concept of the shared journey between the artist and the observer.

Philoche's paintings also have a deep connection to human interaction drawing attention to the transience of value. His work probes the concept of value by juxtaposing infinitely reproducible currency notes on a unique one-of-a-kind abstract colorfield. Philoche's layered works mirror the process of creative destruction wherein his paintings are built up and subsequently broken down repeatedly until the desired effect is achieved.

“Come Fly With Me” invites the audience to explore the role of creation in the displayed artworks as it is manifested individually with each observer.

See some video highlights of the exhibition below.