Lineras is renowned for his combination of indigenous influences with an impressionist style. His paintings are a labor of love conceived from visions of his youth or influences from New York City.

Lineras is a resident of the Upper East Side, when he is not painting in his studio, Lineras can usually be found studying his favorite masters in the Metropolitan Museum.
Cesar Lineras is perhaps the last of the true Bohemian New Yorkers. Lineras was born in Guatemala to parents indigenous of the area. Lineras escaped the conflict in Guatemala and moved to New York City in the early 1970s where he began his artistic education and exploration.

Lineras artistic style is blend of indigenous influences with an impressionist foundation. Lineras folk style is augmented by his decades of studying classical fine art.

The rich colors and textures of his work provide a unique depth to his art usually associated with impressionist painters.