Brett Loving is renowned for his large textural abstract artworks. His unique works are created using a 42,000 lbs Volvo excavator, premium oil paints, and a custom made squeegee he designed.

The tremendous force used in Brettís innovative application process is so complete that the pigments become embedded into the painting surface. The extreme force of the application is balanced by the delicate control of the artist masterfully blending the colors and textures from his artistic cockpit above his canvas.

The diffusion of colors and textures within Brettís work creates the feeling of limitless
depth paired with an overarching sense of serenity. His inventive technique seamlessly blends geometry and abstraction creating unique visual planes. Although Brett creates his paintings with an excavator, his artworks are often inspired by the tranquility of nature, particularly his home on the East End of Long Island. In addition to these artworks, Brett is also well-known for his largescale earthworks sculptures.
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